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Natural language processing is one of the major research fields in artificial intelligence (AI), and is a technology for processing the language we use in our daily life (natural language) by computers. In our laboratory, we conduct research on so-called text mining, which is a technique for finding valuable information from large amounts of text data using natural language processing. Particularly, we develop text mining techniques for technical documents such as patents, research papers, and SNS data, and some of our research products are used in several companies and research institutes.

Teaching staffs


Hidetsugu Nanba (難波英嗣) Career, Research, Publications

Research Associate

Satoshi Fukuda (福田悟志)


Master course


Yuta Nakada (中田悠太), Tadahito Abe (阿部忠仁), Yao Gong (巩尧), Jun Nakamitsu (仲光純)



Shohei Kubo (久保翔平), Takumi Nagai (永井拓海), Yuki Tojo (東條友希), Kouki Shiji (志治幸季), Yoshiki Yamashiro (山代善貴), Taisei Kikuchi (菊池泰成), Shota Hachisuka (蜂須賀笙太), Shoya Tsuruta (鶴田翔也), Yuta Kato (加藤裕太), Mayu Okegawa (桶川真結), Kohei Iwakuma (岩熊耕平), Katsuya Yamamoto (山本雄也)

Past Members


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